Linda Sarsour Said ‘Jihad’ In A Speech And Conservatives Freaked Out

Conservative news areas are targeting activist Linda Sarsour again, this time for using the word “jihad” in a speech to a principally Muslim audience.

Speaking in Chicago at the annual Islamic Society of North America convention over the weekend, Sarsour, an organizer of January’s Women’s March, considered what it means to be a patriot in the United States.

In her pronunciation, which is now being posted online Monday, Sarsour considered governors like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali who helped shift culture by being unapologetically themselves.

” These are people who dissented against our governments against the very policies that oppress all levels of society that they came from ,” she said.

A number of conservative outlets zeroed in on a specific area of Sarsour’s speech, in which she used the word “jihad” to describe efforts to resist unjust policies.

The word ” jihad ” has long been misused and misread by both Muslim fanatics and parties seeking to spread hatred against Muslims. But for the majority of members of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims, “jihad” is a word that literally entails” to fight .” It’s a concept within Islam that represents a commitment to serve God, and to be good to yourself and your neighbors. It can be personal, like struggling to get through a rough workday, or overarching, like striving to seek right for all people.

As Sarsour recounted in her lecture, the Prophet Muhammad is said to have described the best figure of jihad as” a word of fact in front of a oppressor, lord or lead .”

” I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress local communities, that Allah acquires from us that as a kind of jihad ,” she went on.” That we are struggling against dictators and lords is not simply abroad in the Countries of the middle east or in the other side of “the worlds”, but here in these United States of America, where you have dictators and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House .”

In an essay that emphasized Sarsour’s relationships with the Democratic Party, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and Sen. Bernie Sanders( I-Vt .), the conservative locate RealClearPolitics accused the activist of calling on Muslims” to words’ jihad'” against President Donald Trump.

Sarsour replied such framing of her lecture provides an opportunity to” play off the lack of knowledge that ordinary Americans have of Islam .”

” They are targeting me because I am an unapologetic Muslim American and because I am an efficient ruler ,” she said in an email to HuffPost.

Muslim activists and organizations have worked to educate the public about the real necessitate of “jihad” since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when the period registered mainstream awareness in the U.S. There have been bus circulars, videos, blogs and social information campaign aimed at instructing parties about the word’s suitable meaning.

The response to Sarsour’s comments this week, however, shows that the misunderstanding persists.

The Muslim journalist Ismat Sarah Mangla tweeted 😛 TAGEND

Sarsour’s address was mainly concerned with urging the Muslim community to stand united in the face of sin against themselves and other marginalized radicals, and encouraging Muslims to invest in regional organizing efforts.

That republican sites singled out Sarsour’s comments on “jihad” isn’t surprising. Since surfacing as a highly visible organizer and organizer in the wake of Trump’s election last year, Sarsour has been targeted by right-wing and anti-Muslim websites baselessly accusing her of supporting terrorism. She likewise routinely encounters despicable themes and has received death threats.

Watch Sarsour’s full addres below 😛 TAGEND

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