Fianc of Wall Street big killed by shark slams diving company

The fiance of the Wall Street exec who was killed by a shark off Costa Rica last week blames the diving company she was with for not restraining her safe.

“Apparently they didn’t have any care — the divers or the instructors had nothing to ward off any of these fish, sharks, ’’ plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal told The Post in an exclusive interview Monday as he lamented for his girlfriend, Rohina Bhandari, 49.

“I don’t is quite clear that phase of it, that there was no protection for her or for the other guests for that matter, ” the doctor said. “I time feel that the safety precautions they took were not as good as they should have had.”

Bhandari, a major private-equity superintendent for WL Ross& Co ., was killed by a female beast shark while scuba-diving Thursday.

File image of a vampire shark. ( AP)

Rosenthal said he found some solace in just knowing that at least his fiance died doing what she loved.

“She cherished picturing the fish, ” he said , observing her prior dives in Jamaica, the Galapagos Islands and the Bahamas. “The wildlife mesmerized her.”

Rosenthal referred to his late fiancee as “a 10 -star person” — who ever had a smile on her look and stroked the lives of everyone around her.

He described her as the more outgoing of the pair, saying, “We’d go to an liaison or party, and within five minutes she’d know everyone in the place.”

Rosenthal withdrew one instance, at President Trump’s inauguration party, when she innovated him to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan — after congregating Ryan’s wife in the ladies room.

“She was someone who befriended everyone, ” he explained.

Remembering their first appointment, when he was just returning home from a sea errand, Rosenthal said, “She was all dressed up in makeup and jewelry and was really beautiful, and I’m wearing a duo of abruptlies, and I’m like, I can’t compete.

“There was a cosmo of aces, and she was the brightest, ” Rosenthal said.

The surgeon had now been have the responsibility care for Bhandari’s 7-year-old gilded Labrador, Simba, after making a have committed themselves to her back when they first began dating.

“When we started going out several years ago, the slew was that I accept them both, ” Rosenthal said.

“And I accepted them with open arms, and a while later she said,’ Well when are you going to adopt him as yours, ’ and I said,’ He’s borrowed, he’s quarry now, ’ so Simba and I are now together.”

Countless people have reached out to Rosenthal since his fiance’s death, ask questions ways to help him with the loss, both emotionally and financially, he said.

He has asked people to contribute to the Southern african located organization, US Friends of Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center, which Bhandari supported. The foundation, he says, will words their next new swine after her.

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