Kim Kardashian Just Set A Match To Her Feud With Taylor Swift

And occasions were going so well.

Aside from a highly suspicious( and shady) nighttime at a Katy Perry concert, all has been gentle on the Kim Kardashian vs. Taylor Swift front.

But, of course, sleeping notoriety enmities don’t lie, so current realities TV hotshot essentially exactly designate a competition and watched it all shine behind her a la Angela Bassett in “Waiting To Exhale.”

The same day Swift discovered her cover for British Vogue, Kardashian threw it back on Instagram to husband Kanye West’s highly controversial “Famous” music video. You know, the one where he placed nude wax chassis of acclaimed categories like Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Rihanna and Chris Brown in bottom along with himself and Kardashian.

The line in West’s song — “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” — set off the latest spat between Team Swift and Team Kanye when Swift said she “cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message.”

Kardashian afterwards refuted Swift’s account and backed it up with some shattering Snapchat receipts of a phone conversation between the rapper and the papa wizard, in which she wholeheartedly approves parts of the text.

Well, Swifties didn’t take too kindly to Kim’s Instagram shade and sounded the rallying cry to swarm her notes with rat emojis.

Kim Kardashian

Like, a great deal of them, and even on Kardashian’s other posts.

Kim Kardashian

The strategy is similar to the one Kardashian’s supporters have used to target Swift in the past, when they spate her social media accountings with serpents. Remember, snakes ingest rats for breakfast.

Swifties then retaliated with serpents of their own, which apparently prompted Kardashian to block the emoji from her Instagram.

The “Reputation” singer, of course, formed the attack into one of the driving themes of her new book, dressing up as the queen of serpents in the music video for the single “Look What You Acquired Me Do.”

So we amply expect Kardashian to do a naughty rat photoshoot any day now.

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