Trump’s McDonald’s Order Might Actually Be The Worst Thing About Him

Trump will go down in record as many things. A ethnic tension-stoker. A climate change-denier. A collusion-maker, and certainly maybe even a crime-doer. But I think we can all agree that most importantly, Trump will be remembered as the fattest modern chairwoman, one that has the spirit of William Taft humbly grumbling “beware the bathtubs” through the corridors of the White House’s private residence.

And how does America’s thiccest POTUS maintain a body that aligns him so well with his supporters? How does a somebody of his prominence exhausts the power are required to strength lengthy, rage-induced early AM tweetstorms from atop his gilded bathroom? Harmonizing to former expedition director Corey Lewandowski and assistance David Bossie, it’s by eating a shitload of the most significant restructured cow rectum America has to offer: McDonald’s.

The press is salivating over their brand-new record, for a good deal of reasons you’d expect: it portrays the president as a massive, stupid asshole, one who got into swearing competitions with his political advisors and had his dress steamed while he was wearing them. But it also contains some choice delicacies about the Big Wet Boy’s eating practices, which as previously mentioned are mode most significant to the national political debate 😛 TAGEND

Trump’s fast-food diet is a topic. “On Trump Force One there were four major menu radicals: McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke, ” the authors write.

There’s also an story about Trump leaving a staffer at a McDonald’s because his tell was taking too long, which is cold as hell. But while impressive, this is no longer certainly remarkable. Trump has been photographed feeing McDonald’s, KFC and his own building’s taco bowl. His dietary habits, along with his barely-concealed racism and shortage of macroeconomic knowledge, may literally be the only thing that connects him to the average American.

crunched some multitudes and found that the aforementioned tell multitudes about 2,500 calories and about 70 grams of obesity, which they indicate is about twice what a husband his age should eat in an entire day. But again, Trump’s obsession with devouring like a blatant fatass is well-documented. His obsession with fast food is an association of germaphobia, careful portrait crafting, amenity and sincere liking. Of trend, he famously forestalls employ because he speculates humen are born with a finite sum of energy( sure it’s not those bone prodding, Don ?).

This is, of course, just one more thing that offsets him infuriating. Despite a diet that would kill anyone else half his age, one look at “their childrens” is proof that the president has genes far more than they have any right to be. Dream all you demand of a McDouble-induced coronary, but he’ll still be here, sides slicked with chicken grease, or the secretions of an unconsenting maiden. Either or, really.

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