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I didn’t quite get around to embellishing my home this year, and part of it is because I have animals.

My domesticateds are so important to me, but they can be a real agony in my behind when it comes to knocking down adornments. One traditional garnish for the persons who celebrate Christmas is the nativity scene, but whether it’s big or huge, our furry felines have a astonishing amount to say about where they fit into that whole Mary-Joseph-Jesus equation. Here are 17 occasions kittens made over during Christmas.

1. Now that’s the deity I’m looking for.

Kacper Pempel

2. He’s only now to bear witness to history.

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3. This wasn’t relatively in the Bible.

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4. “Day 7. They still suppose nothing.”
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5. Who needs a nativity panorama regardless? Any chest will do.
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6. Much like the wise men, this kitty is here to pay his respects to the newborn king.