31 Days of Happiness Countdown: Carrie Fisher’s dog is in the new ‘Star Wars.’ (Day 13)

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This red carpet stud is Gary Fisher.

Photo by Anne-Christine Poujoulat/ AFP/ Getty Images.

If that floppy tongue know where you are, that’s because Gary was Carrie Fisher’s therapy dog.

She < em> admired him. And she ever generated him along for the ride.

Photo by Daniel Boczarski/ Getty Images for Wizard World.

Fisher, who lived honestly with bipolar disorder and died at age 60 last year, said Gary had always been a soothing presence by her place. “Gary is exceedingly devoted to me and that mollify me down, ” she told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune in 2013. “He’s uneasy when he’s away from me.”

But Gary, who reportedly now lives with Fisher’s onetime assistant, is staying in the spotlight. He’s even starring in the brand-new film, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi, ” which Fisher filmed before she passed away. And frankly, he seems as cute as can be … for galaxy far, far away rules, at least.

Someone discerned a wrinkly four-legged alien in a sneak-peek image of the brand-new film and questioned, “Wait, is that Gary? “

Clair Henry of the “Star Wars” fan locate Fantha Tracks tweeted at lead Rian Johnson, asking if the “cute little creature” was, in fact, Fisher’s old-fashioned pup.

Here’s that pic a little bit closer.

Image via Clair Henry/ Twitter.

Johnson spotted her tweet and approved: Yep, that’s him!

( Granted, it certainly consider this to be Gary had been through the makeup and prosthetics agency .)

Gary, you’re a silver screen idol !

Fans are feeling lots of passions over the latest “Star Wars” film — the last go Fisher’s General Leia Organa will mercy cinema screens. For millions, Fisher was more than precisely a princess all these decades: She was a fighter, fierce love, and an outspoken counsel for combating the stigma circumventing mental illness. She facilitated so many parties simply be themselves.

It’s splendid be informed that part of her living on in her excellent furry little friend.

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