The Love You Keep Giving Everyone Else Is Exactly What Will Find You One Day

Joanna Nix

You try not to get your hopes up because you know what it’s like to feel let down. Yet, you still hold onto faith that maybe this time it won’t happen that path.

Cancelled proposals don’t faze you even though you’re the same person who wouldn’t flake out. You tell person you’re going to be there and you come early and postponement.

It seems like you’re always the one waiting. Wishing. Hoping. Wanting. Loving hard because you don’t know how to do anything else.

And you afford everything you have in “youve got to” people who haven’t more substantiated they deserved it because you don’t guess love is something someone has to earn. Yet it feels like you’re jump-start through hoops of volley trying to get something you present so freely.

You price adore more than anyone because you know what it’s like to get it right .

So you keep trying. Recalling maybe this will be the moment and the person that’s different.

But sometimes it feels like you lose yourself affection people the course you do.

It feels like this thing you require so badly is out of contact .

They tell you to love yourself first before you can enjoy someone else and it isn’t that you don’t desire who you are but there at times you question it. Question why you feel happens so deeply. And hurt as hard as you do.

It seems like you’re the one who is always sure and it’s everyone else who isn’t.

Relationships aren’t supposed to be complicated and you precipitate so easily into people who conduct you on because they could potentially play the part. But when pushing was necessary to jostle you find yourself hearing another excuse for why this can’t be what you want it to be.

And you keep playing this persona of what someone needs and no one has made the time to even care about what you need. Nor do they want to step up to the plate and be that person for you.

But you keep trying.

You continue making fortunes on parties.

And you prevent getting hurt.

But I predict you that’s going to change. Because the person who can overcome displeasure and heartache and still hold onto faith is the person who gets not only a good relationship but the best one there is.

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