The Definitive Ranking Of Ivanka Trump’s Fakest Moments

Sure, Ivanka is the hottest Trump, but “shes been” looks like a barbie-robot to be submitted to life by an IV of white wine spritzer. I would feel bad for reducing her to her gapes but I time straight up don’t I don’t because she is literally the worst. Ivanka is faker than that knock-off Coach purse your cousin got you for secret santa, or that spray brown your aunt contends is “natural” in the dead of winter. Literally every time Ivanka opens her mouth, or in most cases, takes to Twitter, she has some phony shit to say about an issue she clearly doesn’t GAF about. We rounded up the top 5 fakest instants of Ivanka’s hopefully soon to be over job. We propose you put on some sunglasses for this to avoid the glare of the coldnes, glossy, hard plastic you are about to witness.

The Oprah Tweet

We’ll start with the latest and greatest. Ivanka tweeted out some homage for Oprah after her Golden Globes pronunciation, and even included a #TimesUp hashtag. Let’s unpack here. First of all, the second coming of Christ Oprah’s pronunciation blatantly propelled shadow at Trump. Pretty sure it’s not part of your phony undertaking to join in on shit-talking your boss, leave that to the actual reasonable humans, satisfy and thank you. Second, this tweet came after a era of news reporting that Oprah may be running for prez in 2020. This is literally the best bulletin we’ve ever heard, but Trump Daddy’s little girl should not be publicly supporting it. Lastly, it is LOL that Ivanka meditates she can use the #TimesUp hashtag while working for a literal alleged sexual assaulter. GTFO of here.

Literally Anytime She Talks About Women’s Issue

Wow, immense segway by me. Pretending to care about the #TimesUp action isn’t the first time Ivanka has spewed her bogus feminism to get some RTs. Just to recap, Ivanka is one of Trump’s “advisors, ” aka she has no real place and is merely expending the fact that her dad wants to fuck her in order to move up in the political world because apparently nepotism is low-key law now. We would appreciate that kind of shadily tactical move if she wasn’t reinforcing a pussy-grabbing, less hot oompa loompa while pretending to be a feminist. She’s invariably going on about equal liquidate, maternity leave, and other feminist topics, and then – in classic Trump form – not doing shit about it. She literally works for an administration that wants to take out women’s reproduction liberties. Until that changes, we got nothing but feature eye for you, Ivanka.

The Tweet To Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Okay, this one is just amateurish. Ivanka tweeted to the newly employed sovereign duo in what can only be described as the most transparent ask for an invite since then I restrained liking my high school enemy’s Instagram posts in hopes that she would invite me to her open bar vacation gathering. Rumor has it the sovereign marry doesn’t demand the Trumps at their nuptial and clear Ivanka is thirsting for a Save the Date. Maybe next time try something more subtle, like not being a scrap human who doesn’t deserve an invite in the first place.

The LGBTQ Tweet

Ivanka tweeted out some support to her reputed LGBTQ friends in June, and it came back to haunt her in July when her dad literally restricted Transgender beings from the military. Clearly Ivanka doesn’t really care about LGBTQ controversies, she simply misses the assistance provided by the LGTBQ community. Sorry, sugar, this isn’t a 90 ’s rom-com where the lily-white girl gets to use her homosexual BFF as an supplement in a store montage.

Wearing Her Company’s Clothing During Political Events

Again with the translucent dumbassery. Ivanka has been using her public scaffold to promote her fugly clothing text, and it’s a clear violation of the moralities platform which states that you are not allowed to use your government outlook for private amplification. And hitherto, here Ivanka is, publicly modeling some shit that even Nordstrom refuses to sell. It’s almost like she spends so much better time surrounded by dumbasses that she has forgotten that not everyone is a legit moron. We see you, girlfriend. And honestly, you should try Sears.

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