Pilots of ex-military planes honor veterans through flight

It starts from a cockpit inside an old-time armed trainee plane.

The plane shakes as the cockpit space is open, catching gale, waiting for air traffic control to give the go-ahead for takeoff.

But this is no everyday liftoff because right next to this plane is another small
military trainee plane. Both take off simultaneously, in sync with each other’s
every move, exploiting paw signals as a room of communication.

Now above dirt, the aviators can see the vastness of what’s below. Yet, it’s the
people below who are looking up to figure out what is taking place: formation
operating with Arizona’s Falcon Warbirds.

These warbirds in Mesa consist of a retired Air Force General who was a fighter
pilot, a retired General Engine engineer, an airline aviator, a medical doctor, six
others, and their 10 military trainee airliners. All with one goal–to take care of
ex-servicemen. They do so by making flight.

These pilots, through a non-profit radical worded four years earlier, behavior constitution flights for veterans’ affairs in all levels of society, together with “Missing Man

Since the flights can be dangerous, as they float so close together, the group has a
briefing and debriefing before and after each flight, respectively.