Helen Mirren Finds Out She’s Younger Than She Thought, Has Best Reaction

Helen Mirren was a year ahead of her time.

The British Academy Award-winning actress had the most uplifting reaction to finding out she was a year younger than she’d recollect on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

Mirren was utterly convinced that she was 73, and she couldn’t contain her delight when emcee Ellen DeGeneres and the show’s producers informed her she was in fact only 72.

“This is fantastic. This is amazing. I’ve just made a entire year. Wow, ” said Mirren.

“The Leisure Seeker” star explained how it wasn’t the first time she’d goes confounded over her age, as both she and her husband recently incorrectly thought they were 74.

“So we both exited’ oh this is fantastic we’ve got a whole year, a entire extra year, ’” said Mirren. “And now I’ve got a whole other year. This is amazing. Thank you.”