Kim Kardashian Is Wearing A Grill Again To Bling In The New Year

Kim Kardashian is putting her money where her mouth is again.

The reality star posted a picture of herself wearing a grill Sunday.

We’re not sure if the attention-grabbing supplementary portends any shift to her bling-discretion after she was restraint and fastened in a Paris hotel robbery in October 2016. Thieves stole millions of her jewelry in the attack.

But last week’s postings on social media and this Instagram differentiates the first time she has flashed a grill since before her agony, shops observed. She “has opted for more understated jewelry fragments lately, ” People magazine wrote.

I’m not here to show off the behavior that I used to, ” she said of substance items to Ellen DeGeneres last-place April. “It’s time not who I am anymore.”

We figure as long as she’s not wearing big-hearted sunglasses, partner Kanye West is perhaps OK with the gaudy style explanation. Specially since she’s apparently sporting some segments from his jewelry collect.

Here’s a Kardashian pole from before the robbery.

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