Catherine Deneuve’s claim of #MeToo witch-hunt sparks backlash

January 13, 2018

French actor and 100 other women who ratified word are accused of being apologists for rape The French actor Catherine Deneuve has sparked a frenzied international reaction after Italian actor Asia Argento, among the first countries to accuse Weinstein, wrote on tweeted the New York Times cartoonist Colleen Doran. The American novelist Laila Lalami said such thinking was ” the clearest reason yet of how workers like Woody Allen and…


Catherine Deneuve says men should be ‘free to hit on’ women

January 11, 2018

French actor signalings open letter that claims witch-hunt in wake of Harvey Weinstein scandal constitutes threat to sexual freedom The adored French performer Catherine Deneuve has hit out at a brand-new “puritanism” precipitated by sexual abuse gossips, announced today that humanities should be” free to hit on ” women. Deneuve was one of about 100 female French scribes, performers and professors who wrote an open note abhorring the motion of…


Macron awards US scientists grants to move to France in defiance of Trump

December 12, 2017

Frances president accolades millions of euros to 18 American researchers to migrate in effort to counter Donald Trump on the climate change front Eighteen climate scientists from the US and elsewhere have hit the jackpot as France’s president, Trump certified he would withdraw the US from the Paris environment accord. More than 5,000 parties from about 100 countries expressed interest in the grants. Most of the applicants- and 13 of…


Johnny Hallyday, the ‘French Elvis’, dies at 74

December 7, 2017

Singer, who sold more than 110 m books and was hero-worship across contemporaries in France, had lung cancer France’s biggest rock star, national gravestone, akin to music royalty, plastered over the cover-up of celebrity magazines. Hallyday’s wife called the French president, Emmanuel Macron, at about 2am to inform him of Hallyday’s death. In a statement, Macron wrote:” We will never forget the figure, cheek, the voice or above all the…


Acclaimed French chef asks to be stripped of three Michelin stars

September 22, 2017

Sbastien Bras, who runs Le Suquet restaurant in Laguiole, seeks removal from positions of gastronomic bible One of France’s most celebrated cooks, whose diner has been rewarded with three wizards in the Michelin guide for almost 20 times, has pleaded to be divest of the esteemed higher-ranking because of the enormous pressure of being guessed on every bowl he serves. Sebastien Bras, 46, who runs the eminent Le Suquet restaurant…


Court awards Duchess of Cambridge damages over topless photos

September 6, 2017

French court settles Kates privacy was breached in case over paparazzi fires published in luminary magazine The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed a French law judgment that paparazzi photos of Kate topless on holiday were an assault of the sovereign couple’s privacy. Twenty-four hours after the announcement that


The first social media suicide

August 30, 2017

The long speak: In May of last year, a girl in a lonely suburb of Paris live-streamed her own suicide and acquired a melancholy kind of digital celebrity. ‘I‘ve seen beings expire ,” Oceane mentioned, during one of the online programmes she made just before her boundary.” Frankly that’s not what sickens you. A woman came in to the retirement home where I manipulate and she previous just two weeks….


Danny Glover and Bernie Sanders seek France’s help after Nissan union vote

August 13, 2017

After United Auto Work defeat in effort to unionize Mississippi plant, actor and senator turn to government with stake in Nissan-allied Renault The actor Danny Glover and Senator Bernie Sanders are preparing to lobby the French authority for help in the heated is making an effort to unionize a Nissan car plant in Mississippi. The United Auto Craftsman suffered a The only oneswithout union representation are in the southern US….


Jupiter or just another politician? Macrons divine aura begins to fade

July 30, 2017

Last week the French president enjoyed fame inspects from Rihanna and Bono. But as political world burns, his ratings have begun to drop A young lead progress to department promising expansive change and buoyed by hopes that he will introduce a new wording of politics to change a rejected organisation. He seems to walk on liquid and is still in touch with his times as he injects fresh life into…