Two suns? No, it’s a supernova drawn 6,000 years ago, say scientists

January 12, 2018

Indian researchers say etches found in Kashmir may be the oldest depiction of a croaking starring ever discovered For decades, stone carvings unearthed in the Himalayan territory of Kashmir were is considered to represent a hunting scene. But the presence of two celestial objects in the attractions has aroused the interest of a group of Indian astronomers. They have proposed another philosophy. Harmonizing to a study published in the Indian…


A Disney Deal for Fox Is Coming Within Days

December 12, 2017

Walt Disney Co . may announce a batch as soon as this week to acquire a large patch of 21st Century Fox Inc ., according to person or persons very well known the issues, carrying legendary Hollywood belongings to brand-new owners. Comcast Corp ., the other major competitor for the Fox resources, said Monday it’s no longer in the running. A trust belonging to Fox Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch and…


Bollywood star Shashi Kapoor dies aged 79

December 5, 2017

A scion of the Kapoor film-making dynasty, the celebrated performer appeared in a number of Indian the characteristics and Merchant Ivory films Veteran Indian film industry supporter Shashi Kapoor has died at the age of 79, it has been confirmed.


Akshay Kumar: Toilet isn’t a dirty word my latest film made me love the loo | Akshay Kumar

November 13, 2017

The Bollywood star who delivered Indias sanitation difficulties to the big screen says only a vast altered in positions on hygiene can solve the crisis We need to change our minds about toilets. A wife from a small village in rural areas in India, Anita Narre, sickened the person when she the movie, I found out that half of India’s population- every single time nature announces, or that so many…


Disney Explored Buying Fox Assets; Talks Now Dead

November 8, 2017

Sky Plc spacecraft serving in Europe, the person or persons said. Disney wouldn’t acquire Fox’s broadcast network, Fox News, neighbourhood program terminals or boasts programme, the person said. The rise of online entrants Netflix, YouTube and Facebook has slow-paced the growth of the pay-TV business, and thrust the companies that rely on it to explore further ways of get bigger. Pay-TV distributors Comcast Corp ., AT& T Inc. and Twitter…


The Exploding Cost of Streaming Live Sports

November 3, 2017

In the past 25 years the cost of programme freedoms for English Premier League soccer has tided thirtyfold as deep-pocketed media companionships have grown to depend on live athletics to earn customers and to be maintained from defecting to online competitives. Next time an even richer bunch–those same internet whales that are wooing TV viewers–will likely been demonstrated at claims auctioneers, propagandizing prices even higher.” Live plays lure a fierce…


‘Every day was agony’: Indian woman granted divorce over lack of toilet

August 26, 2017

Judge enunciates forcing a woman to excrete in the open amounts to mental persecution, in latest case emphasize how far India still has to go on access to sanitation The drive front pages of Indian newspapers. The assessment applied on Friday by Justice Rajendra Kumar Sharma has been widely quoted for its strongly worded sentiments. Sharma said the fact that ladies have to defecate in the open amounted to” mental…