Steven Spielberg: Oprah would make a brilliant president and I will back her

January 12, 2018

Calling her the envoy of feeling, The Post director endorses Winfrey and says America needs a mindful, empathetic human being in the White House The undeclared but burgeoning campaign to elect Oprah Winfrey the next president of the United States has received another boost, with the full-throated approval of one of Hollywood’s biggest digits: Steven Spielberg. ” I suppose Oprah Winfrey would make an absolutely brilliant chairperson ,” the Oscar-winning…


Master of None’s Lena Waithe: ‘If you come from a poor background, TV becomes what you dream about’

January 7, 2018

The Emmy-winning star of Master of None is one of the most sought after brand-new spokespeople in Hollywood. Ahead of her new US drama The Chi, she talks about growing up queer in Chicago and why Tv is aspirational for pitch-black America This year’s Emmy Awards encountered a new wave of TV producers disintegrate the annual defendant. The Handmaid’s Tale committed Hulu an unexpected make, brand-new endowment such as Donald…


Rose Marie obituary

January 4, 2018

All-round entertainer whose best-known role was as Sally Rogers in the American video sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show As Sally Rogers in The Dick Van Dyke Show, Rose Marie, who has died aged 94, was known and cherished by the myriad television viewers who tuned in every week from 1961 to 1966 to watch the landmark sitcom. Rose Marie, playing one of three slapstick scribes on the fictional Alan…


‘I’m a magpie, a collector of facts and curiosities’: secrets of a quizmaster

December 26, 2017

The ghoulish setter behind the Weakest Link, the Chase and the Guardian Weekend quiz tells all I can’t pinpoint the exact time I realised that quizs would dally a major part in my life, but the Cubs’ Mastermind tournament seems a good home to start. I was 10, and my expert topic was Tashkent and Warwick the King Maker: the ruthless machinations of the Wars of the Roses, they figured,…


Shes Gotta Have It’s DeWanda Wise: Our bodies are being policed’

November 28, 2017

The star of Netflixs adaptation of Spike Lees groundbreaking film talks about working with the feted lead, Sex and the City and the pitch-black girl gaze DeWanda Wise has the kind of relaxed self-confidence that is infectious. She feels so good about herself, that she makes everybody else in the vicinity feel good too. As she laughingly tells the story of her first “general” with Netflix– a kind of informal…


David Cassidy obituary

November 24, 2017

Actor and singer who became a teenage idol thanks to The Partridge Family but ever detested his superstar status ” Girls are following me around- they’re ruining my whole life !” cried Keith Partridge in a tricky time on the 1970 s sitcom The Partridge Family. Keith, played by David Cassidy, was the show’s heartthrob, and for its four-year passed Cassidy’s offscreen life mirrored his. Teenage girls didn’t only follow…


Jeffrey Tambor on assault allegations: ‘I don’t see how I can return to Transparent’

November 22, 2017

Pressure is attaching on Amazon to find a brand-new induce for the substantiate, after performer Trace Lysette became the second woman to allege Tambor of sexual harassment Jeffrey Tambor, the Emmy-winning star of the Amazon web series Transparent, has said he does not be seen to what extent he could return to the present next season, after a second woman levelled allegations regarding unprofessional behavior against him. Actress Trace Lysette…


George Clooney returns to television for Catch-22, two decades after ER

November 18, 2017

Clooney will guide and star in the serialised adaptation of Joseph Hellers darkly comedic 1961 novel George Clooney will stir his return to television in a serialised adjustment of Catch-2 2, Paramount Television revealed on Thursday. Clooney, who left hit medical drama ER nearly 20 years ago, will guide and star in the six-episode succession, based on his role as Dr Doug Ross, in the original shoot of ER, which…


Michelle Dockery: ‘I consider myself a widow’

November 12, 2017

After five years old in Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery is back dallying a gun-toting rancher and a pitiless TV exec. She talks typecasting, the Weinstein effect and the sudden death of her fiance If Michelle Dockery’s latest role had been written in the last 12 months, the area might look like a lazily outline cliche. She is about to appear at the Faye Dunaway in Bryan Cranston, playing an ageing…